Travel to India with Nitan Travel

In India you find something for everyone. You really see life being lived, when you take a walk in the streets. Filled with big contrasts in life, rich verses poor, small villages like decades ago and the big modern cities. The beautiful resorts in lush surroundings.

The Mountains, desert and sea all at one place. You can discover the religious side, visit amazing temples, it is heaven for shoppers and foodies, with an unparalleled match for traditional handicrafts and modern designs. Exclusively in India you can experience its richness irrespective of your budget. India embraces you, the way you come and promises you a wonderful time.

here are 26 states in India and each state is totally different from others in culture, tradition and language. It’s a blend of 26 cultures in one. With the hospitality and variety India has to offer, you can feel at home and still enjoy your vacations at the same time. This is the land of love and devotion also reflected by some of the great monuments in the world.

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